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2024 Performers

The 2024 lineup of talented and renowned musicians at Flutestock, Oregon

Friday Night Concert

In order of appearance


Columbia River Flute Ensemble

The Columbia River Flute Ensemble has gone through many changes since Ellen Saunders and husband David Whitman began it in 1999. Members of the group have performed together at mushroom and salmon festivals, the Jim Pepper Native Festival, Hope Cancer Benefit program for Native people, the Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneer gathering, and many other events — including Flutestock every year since 2018.

The ensemble has included many talented multi-instrument musicians over the years. Last year Mary Youngblood and Pamela Mortensen sat in with them. This year Terry Filer, George Willingham, and Ellen Saunders will provide the core of the group, joined by others as availability permits. Pamela Mortensen will once again perform with them at Flutestock 2024.


Sherrie Davis Morningstar

Sherrie is an international award winning, hall of fame, singer, songwriter and Native American flute recording artist.

She is a multi-instrument player and a multicultural Indigenous descendant of Navajo/Apache, Mexican Aztec & Mayan people. Her music can be heard on many different music download sites, including YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify, as well as on her website At Flutestock, Sherrie will teach a class on advanced embellishments.


Randy "Windtalker" Motz

Randy is an award-winning musician, composer, and performer with more than 425 live performances. Since 2006, he has released six albums, one of which, "Wind, Water, and Stone" won Best Flute Album of 2022 from One World Music Radio. His music is available on major streaming and download platforms and internet radio stations. CDs are available at performances and at His YouTube Channel,, contains videos, songs from his albums, and improvised music recorded by his wife, Georgia Harris, at breathtaking locations around the world. Randy will teach a class about performing in senior living centers.

mystery graphic.jpg

Mystery Woman from Afar

Well known in her native country's flute world — but less so here — this artist is loved for her intuitive playing, enchanting melodies, warm pure tones, and a love of Celtic music. It has been said of her that she can weave the wind into beautiful colors with her sound. She is also a respected flute educator. Come see who she is — and listen to her artistry — at Flutestock.


Tommy Graven

Mesmerizing, intensely moving, deeply connective – Tommy's music captures the sound, spirit, and soul of the natural world around us. A 20-year multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, his honors include a Global Music Award and NASFA's “Native American Flutist of the Year.” Tommy is considered by many to be an up-and-coming artist to watch in this flute genre. The Portland native now lives in Medford, OR. He teaches both flute and guitar when not performing in area shows, at regional festivals, or on behalf of Breedlove Guitars, Shubb Capos, Rising Moon Flutes and Singing Tree Flutes. Tommy will teach two workshops on applying basic music theory to flute playing.


Geri Littlejohn

One of the few women flute makers, Geri recently completed a set of 64 flutes connected to the I-Ching, the Gene Keys, and the Elemental Seasons medicine wheel. She plays these flutes in concert, for yoga nidra and sound immersive experiences, and online weekly offerings to mark the turning of the seasons. Geri’s improvisational style lets each flute sing its song of the moment to those who are present. It is her hope that every listener feels love, support, and gratitude flowing through her and the flutes to them.


For more about Geri:


Aaron Binderup

Aaron draws from world traditions including Native American, shakuhachi, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European flutes, some rarely encountered in the U.S. These influences create a unique style that combines haunting and atmospheric elements with intricate rhythmic ones. 

Enjoying the discovery and freedom of spontaneous collaboration, Aaron plays with an improvisational band, Ambient Bean Pod. He also makes some of the flutes he plays. Aaron is particularly interested in the meditative and therapeutic potential of the flute as well as the neuroscience behind its evocative power. At Flutestock, he will teach a class on flute as meditation practice. 

Saturday Night Concert

In order of appearance


Huehca Omeyocan

Huehca Omeyocan is a music and dance group dedicated to promoting the cultural practices of the Pre-Hispanic Cem-Anahuac Mesoamerican peoples. Their vibrant drumming, vivid attire, and lively footwork raise spirits — and audience pulses — wherever they perform. These Mexica Chichimeca dancers have performed as our concert opener every year since Flutestock was young. 

The group is led by Eduardo Cruz, their drummer and announcer, and his wife, Maria E. Cortes Duran, the lead dancer. They have performed at countless events, from an annual ocean blessing on the Oregon Coast to the Portland Rose Festival. They also have shared their culture with children in many schools as well as young adults at the University of Oregon.


Liesbet Leroy

Liesbet is a recording artist and composer from the Netherlands, known for her meditative, relaxing, healing Native American-style flute music. She especially loves bass and drone flutes because of their soothing vibes. Playing the flute is like meditating to her, as it brings her into the here and now, letting her breath flow freely. Since 2017, Liesbet has been performing at spiritual festivals and yoga studios and giving chakra balancing meditation concerts and sound baths. She has won several international awards for her music and music videos. To learn more: Liesbet will teach a workshop at Flutestock on principles of sound healing.


Timothy J.P. Gomez

Award-winning musician Timothy is a recording artist, composer, and educator specializing in the enchanting sounds of the Native American-style flute. With an exceptional ability to create melodies that draw inspiration from the wonders of nature and the profound connections between individuals, Gomez transports his audience to a realm beyond imagination. Infusing a rich tapestry of diverse melodies and drawing inspiration from Mother Nature, his musical creations weave an enchanting synthesis that mesmerizes the very core of our being. 


Website: Timothy will teach a workshop on unlocking your potential as a flute player.


Rona Yellowrobe

Singer, songwriter, storyteller, and inspirational speaker, Rona is known for her deep and powerful singing voice, her heartfelt flute melodies, and the warmth of her spirit. She was named 2014 and 2016 Native American Music Awards Flutist of the Year, and 2019 North American Indigenous Flutist of the Year by NASFA.  She has played for hundreds of festivals, art shows, museums, schools, weddings, memorial services, powwows, and holiday celebrations, in the U.S. and abroad. She has been a hospice musician in Washington State for over 18 years. On Spotify, 



Pamela Mortensen

In 2005, Pamela walked into a record store in Seattle looking for something different. She found didgeridoo music and walked away with the fire to learn to play the didge. Since then, the award-winning musician has performed with this ancient instrument at fairs, festivals, house concerts, and stages all over the western U.S., Canada and Mexico. Her music blends powerful rhythms, dynamics, and emotions. Pamela is equally at home as a singer and keyboard player, producing six albums for didgeridoo and one for vocals. She's a music educator and maker of didgeridoos at her home in Port Angeles, WA. Pamela will teach three classes at Flutestock, on rhythm, playing didgeridoo, and circular breathing.


Joseph L. Young

Joseph is a composer and musician from Boise, ID, known for his mastery of saxophones and ethnic flutes from around the world. His music, fusing global traditions and modern sounds, has gained worldwide recognition, topping radio charts on Echoes and New Age Notes, and earning awards and nominations from the Global Music Awards, Intercontinental Music Awards, and Hollywood Music in Media Awards. His six self-produced albums reflect his passion and commitment to creating soundscapes that captivate listeners. In addition, Joseph shares his knowledge through teaching and performing at events nationwide. Find him on YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and

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